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As someone who loves to write, it also just-so-happens that I LOVE to read. I generally finish most books in a couple of days… I basically consume good literature. I’m currently really into the YA genre so you can expect to see a lot of reviews and a lot of amazing books on here.


In late December 2015, my best friend and I flew across to the other side of the world to come face-to-face with the beauty and history of Europe. We adventured with Topdeck for most of our time overseas, but also had a few days set aside to explore on our own in London and in Paris. This was a huge and exciting adventure and I can’t wait to share it with everyone who is interested to read about it.

Have a look at our itinerary which I will embed with links to the posts I am writing about our 52-day adventure. We visited England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Netherlands – so there is a lot of amazing travel information and stories in this section.

I am also planning to develop this further to include other places I have visited; Bali, Samoa, New Zealand, and places I have visited within Australia. Hopefully, as time flies by I will be flying to more new countries as well.



Sometimes, crazy things happen in the world and I have a strong urge to comment on them. Other times, crazy things happen in my life and I need to share them. This is the place for the above two scenarios.


I hope you will enjoy what you read on here. Please feel free to join in or start discussions as I would love to hear from you all. Remember to keep everything polite; you’re entitled to your opinions but I won’t accept hatred towards any groups on my blog, and trolls will not be tolerated.

Thanks for reading xx

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