Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Strong Woman’ and ‘Strong Female Character’

Here’s a shoutout to all the women in my life. I don’t think I need to tell you that you are strong and independent and totally amazing. I think you know that, deep down inside – whether you’d say it out loud or not.

Everyday you wake up, and you bravely face a world that is designed to bring you down. But still you have courage, and you face each day with determination. You live in a world that tries to tell you that you will never be pretty enough, or thin enough. A world that tries to tell you that the only thing that matters about you is how pleasing you are to the human eye. A world that has an impossibly rigid standard that you are meant to fit in to. But still, you fight. You fight to break that standard, that tight little mold. You fight for your dreams, your hopes, your ambitions, your passions, your families, your friends, your partner, your children, your career, and yourself.

And everyday that you are alive, you bring something unique to this world. Whether you are a revolutionary feminist on the frontlines, or a stay at home mum, or a student, or a scientist, or a CEO, or a politician, or a writer, or the owner of a small business, or a retail assistant, or a cleaner, or WHATEVER YOU DO… you are here, and you are making a difference in this world. Together we are getting closer to a world of equality, where women are free to be ourselves, to chase after our dreams, and have complete autonomy over our bodies. So just in case you haven’t managed to fully realise it yet: you are amazing.

You. Are. So. Freaking. Amazing.

Today I have seen a lot of people giving shoutouts to all the strong women in their life. And that’s awesome. We should definitely be celebrating strong women today. But as someone who likes to pick apart sentences and the meanings of the things people say… I wanted to throw an idea out there about what it means to be a woman.

Personally I feel like I don’t need to preface the word ‘woman’ with anything. Because to say something like ‘she is a strong woman’ is a redundant statement…. I mean, I personally don’t know a single woman alive today who isn’t strong in some way. My definition of ‘woman’ is synonymous with words like strong and brave. Every women I’ve ever met is strong. You are all beautiful, resilient, intelligent, kind, & powerful in some way. Women have so many different kinds of strength. We fight battles everyday. Every woman I have ever met has brought something special and unique to my life. So happy International Women’s Day to all the *women* out there. We are awesome 🙌🏼🌻

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