Don’t let the fake media tell you
That I have changed my position on the wall. It will
Get built. An “extremely credible source” has called
My office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate
Is a fraud. You won’t be seeing another black president for
Generations! We should have gotten more of the oil in Syria,
And we should have gotten more of the oil in Iraq.
But I have never seen a thin person drinking
Diet Coke. Dumb leaders. Hey Canada,
You’re getting a wall too – you Snow Mexicans.
I appreciate the congrats for being right on
Islamic terrorism. The State Health Director
Who verified copies of Obama’s birth certificate
Died in plane crash today. All others lived.
My grandparents didn’t
Come all the way from Germany to see it get taken over
By immigrants. I love America, but politicians make me
Sick. If I ever run for president, then
Please shoot me.


-by Elana Coles


Trumped Up Twitter 


Despite the constant negative press

Would like to extend


Everyone knows that I am right

Many are saying that I am the best 140 character writer in the world

Family, friendship, religion

These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed

If I ever run for president then please shoot me

Women have the right to make me a sandwich




– by Mad Psycho
(These poems are written entirely from quotes taken from Donald Trump’s Twitter account)

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