Five Autumn Loves

It’s Autumn (or Fall if that’s what you like to call it) here in Australia now, and it is such a lovely season. Here are five things that I love about Autumn.

5 Autumn Loves


  • I like to think of Autumn as the calm after the storm. Except, in this case, the storm is summer. Over summer we get days as hot as 43 degrees, that’s 109.4 Fahrenheit for any Americans out there. Plus it’s usually humid in summer, so it’s hot and sticky and muggy and disgusting. And I am a snowball. I melt in the heat.
  • But in saying that, there is still some really nice weather in Autumn! I love the kinds of days where it’s cold in the morning but then you walk out into the sun at about 10am and it warms you to your bones. Not too hot, but just right. Plus there are pretty leaves to look at when you’re outside.
  • I loooooove Autumn clothes. Nothing beats finally being able to hide your shorts in the back of the wardrobe and getting to put on a pair of jeans, some Converse, and a cardigan or a jumper. Maybe even a scarf if it’s cold, who knows.
  • Hot chocolate at uni. It’s always cold at Ourimbah campus so I like to get a hot choccy to warm my fingers and my soul. Dat soul is cold.
  • Rainy days in bed with cuddles and maybe a good book or Netflix, some tea, and some snacks. Need I say any more?

What are your favourite things about Autumn/Fall?

What season is it where you are in the world? 


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