Five Things Your Pet Would Say

Welcome back to The Sunday Five! This week’s topic:

Five things your pet would say

So I don’t actually own any pets (sad, I know) but I am going to pretend for now that Charlie is my doggo. Some of you will have seen Charlie in a few of my posts before… I wrote a couple when he was little, basically because I wanted excuses to post photos of him because he is adorable. Here’s the little man (before he got big):




Obviously I don’t really know what he would say, if he could speak, but here are my best guesses:

  • “Um, why are you stopping so soon?” Charlie would definitely say this to anyone who stopped giving him a nice belly rub.
  • “Walkwalkwalkwalk!” The Charlie-boy loves going for walks and playing with toys, and I’m pretty sure doing so is almost always on his mind.
  • “Ima just put myself here.” There have been so many times where Charlie has just plonked himself down on my legs or on my belly when I’m laying down. He’s not exactly a light-weight these days either! Personal space dude (just kidding I love you and you can sit wherever you want).
  • “I hope that food you’re holding is for me!” Charlie loves his food, and he always guilt-trips me whenever I eat around him.
  • “Wait – where are you going?” My least-favourite part of the day is when I have to close our bedroom door and leave poor Charlie out in the hallway. I also hate leaving the house and turning back and seeing him standing at the door, looking all sad and lonely. Heartbreak 101.


Thanks for tuning in this week. If you’d like to read more on Charlie, here are some links:

(and you should definitely read them because he is THE CUTEST)

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4 thoughts

  1. I love Charlie! He’s so adorable. I think those are the things my dog would have said when he was alive too. Dogs are so much fun. I miss mine. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

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