Five Words To Describe Your Week

Welcome back to The Sunday Five, hosted by Reads and Treats.

This week’s topic is…



My whole week has been very well-structured. It’s unusual for me to have all of my weekly plans written down in a diary, but between a new semester at uni, starting a new job, committing to at least three blog posts a week, arranging to go to gym classes with my sister, and social commitments… I figured I better start writing it all down before something goes astray (like my head).


You know all those commitments I just mentioned? Yeah, well, life is pretty hectic for me at the moment. I have so much going on, and so many new things happening all at once. It’s all pretty exciting though – like, being in my final year at uni, and also finally earning some moneeeeyyyyyyy.


I’m already kind of regretting my decision to take two English classes this semester as well as a research project. My weekly reading lists are off the charts! So it’s pretty safe to assume that I will be taking up coffee-drinking this semester.


With everything happening all at once, this week has gone by very quickly.


This week it feels as though all I have done is learn new things, like how to do yoga and not fall flat on my face, a whole new job in hospitality, and new research methods for uni. Talk about a steep learning curve, I’m loving all the challenges though!

What are some words you would use to describe your week?

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  1. Challenging is definitely a word I would use to describe the current week. It’s only Wednesday, but it feels like Monday, and my brain thinks it’s Saturday. How messed up is that?! Haha.

    I hope this week goes better. Commitments are good, but sometimes it’s just too much. I feel ya there love. Thanks for participating again! I love your answers!

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