Five New Things To Try

 Welcome to Five Things on Sunday post #2.

Thanks to Reads and Treats for this week’s topic…

Five New Things to Try

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has gained a lot of popularity recently. I swear it used to be something you could only do if you owned a board, but over the summer months on the Central Coast a few schools have opened up where you can hire the boards and get lessons as well. Katie and I have been talking about trying this for ages! It looks like so much fun, and apparently it’s also a great full body work out, so that’s a bonus. I love the ocean and I imagine that it must feel so amazing to just glide across the top…


Surely this year will be the year that I finally commit to writing a book. It’s been my dream since I was 5 years old. All I’ve ever really wanted is to be an author. When I was younger I wrote little books, and fanfics, but I stopped in high school. I’ve only recently got back into writing due to blogging and selecting some creative writing courses at uni. I think the biggest thing stopping me from writing a novel is my fear that it won’t be good enough. But I guess I won’t know if I don’t try…



My life is about to get crazy busy what with a new job and a new semester starting up at uni. So I could do with a little zen! My sister Aimee and I actually tired our first yoga class last Saturday. It was quite relaxing, but I also worked up a sweat. I felt really good after doing the class, and quite peaceful – even if my muscles hurt a bit. I’m super keen to get into this and I even bought my own yoga mat in preparation…




One thing that I’ve found with blogging is that if you don’t post regularly, you don’t get many views on what you do post (unsurprisingly). So, this year it is my goal to post more regularly. I’ve signed up for three weekly blog memes: Top Ten Tuesday’s,  The Friday 56, and Five Things On Sunday. On top of that I’ll also be doing my normal book reviews, travel posts, and maybe some more cooking posts. So you can expect to hear from me a lot more this year, and I hope to hear back from you guys in the comments section too…




Aww, well isn’t this a nice one. This year I’d seriously like to meet some new people and go on more adventures! I’m sick of having boring weekends. I want friends who I can go camping with, to the beach with, to bookstores and art galleries and festivals and quirky events. I also happen to be quite bad at making friends, because I am usually very quiet until I am either one-on-one with a person or I get to know them really well. I’m hoping to make some friends at uni, as well as online, and also at my new job. Fingers crossed xxx


What are five new things that you would like to try?


** Next Week: Five words to describe your week


6 thoughts

  1. Stand up paddle boarding sounds amazing. I’ve seen stories of people learning to do it with their dogs and in my head, both my dog and I are talented enough to do it also. Good luck with writing a book this year and all the blogging challenges you try this year!

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  2. I definitely find that linkups and memes help me blog more regularly – my blog would definitely get lost in my busy life if I didn’t have my regular posts to keep me coming back! My usual posts are “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”, “Nonfiction Wednesday” and “Poetry Friday”. I try to do “Top Ten Tuesday” now and then, but I find it really hard to come up with ten answers for each prompt! I think this “Five Things on Sunday” meme sounds more up my alley – I think I can handle five responses! 😉

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    1. I struggle a bit with Top Ten Tuesday’s as well! Requires a lottttt of thought sometimes. Five Things is much easier haha. I really like having the linkups and memes too, makes it so much easier to meet other bloggers and to get some more views 🙂


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