Five Winter Dislikes

Welcome to my first ever Five Things On Sunday!


Thanks to Reads and Treats for this week’s topic…

Five Winter Dislikes

  • Cold hands and feet! My extremities do not seem to cope well with the colder weather, particularly at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. I hate wearing socks in bed, so I usually resort to resting my feet on a hot water bottle or resting them on my boyfriend’s feet — because he is always SO WARM (sorry babe). But you know what they say: ‘cold hands, warm heart’. 
  • Being outside in the rain. It’s cold, and it’s wet (obviously) so I don’t want to be outside while it’s raining. That being said, one of my favourite things about winter is being inside while it’s raining.
  • When my shoes leak. This one links back to my dislike of being outside in the rain and having cold feet, because walking around all day with wet socks is a truly terrible thing.
  • The fact that it doesn’t snow where I live. If it’s gonna be so cold, why can’t we at least enjoy a good snowball fight?
  • The lack of summer fruit. My favourite thing about summer is the fruit (mangoes, anyone?) and so the pitiful array of winter fruit leaves me wanting…

What are your winter dislikes?

**Next week on Five Things on Sunday: New Things To Try

2 thoughts

  1. Ahh! I LOVE your graphic for this! It’s so adorable!!!!! Thanks for participating! ❤

    Summer fruit is definitely a pitfall of winter. I am a huge peach, strawberry, watermelon girl. If I could live off of those, I probably would! Hahaha.

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