How To Make: Pasta with Tomatoes and Spinach

Hi guys! This week I picked up an old cookbook that was given to me for my 13th birthday in 2008. When I was 13, I decided to go vegetarian. I lasted for about a year before I got sick and felt tired all the time. It turns out that if you go vegetarian, you actually have to do it properly (*collective gasp of surprise*). You can’t just pick out the meat from the dinner your mum has made for you and think that you’re going to get the protein and other nutrients that you need just from the potatoes and the side-salad that are left on your plate.

So anyway, I have this cookbook called Easy Vegetarian that was published by Parragon Books in 2007. On page 118 there is a recipe for pasta with tomatoes and spinach that sounded super easy and delicious.

As I was cooking, I decided that the pasta was seriously lacking in sauciness. So I added a can of diced tomatoes and a jar of Dolmio Red Wine and Italian Herbs. This was a really nice combo, but obviously you can add in whatever sauces you like – I just threw in what I could find in the pantry.

After I finished making this I was super excited to eat it because it smelled so amazing. I have to warn you not to fall into this trap! The cherry tomatoes were so, SO hot and I don’t know if my throat will ever recover from swallowing one of them whole.


It was kind of worth the pain though, because it was so delicious. Let me know how you go if you give this recipe a try (and please wait for the tomatoes to cool down before you dig in).


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