Chasing Seagulls With Charlie

Happy days are upon us; Charlie has had his last parvos injection. He can finally go for walks and to the beach without having to be carried over the dry sand. A new world of sand, smells, and butt-sniffing has opened up for him.

Josh and I decided to celebrate with him by taking him on a trip to the beach. After a long struggle to get Charlie into his harness, we got him settled down in the car (kind-of). To be honest, he was frantically pulling at his seatbelt/harness in an attempt to join Josh in the front seat.  We’d brought one of his favourite toys along with us, but he seemed more interested in trying to chew his way out of his harness.

Once we arrived, Josh came around to my side of the car and opened the door so Charlie and I could scramble out. Charlie was in a rush, ready to drag me across the car park in pursuit of interesting smells and freedom. I had to hold on tightly.

He kept stopping to smell something, and then suddenly bouding off in a rush. He ran around, looping the lead around my legs and almost tripping me over. I decided that the best way to get him moving was for me to start running – and I was right. I was promptly dragged up the steps behind him.

When we arrived at the top of the platform we encountered a small problem. The sand dunes had collapsed and the stairs leading down to the beach were cordoned off. Nothing could deter us on our celebratory beach-trip, though, and so we squeezed ourselves under the fence. It took a bit of coaxing to get Charlie to follow us down onto the dunes, but we got there in the end.

Freedom at last.

After sniffing around and covering his nose in sand, Charlie decided it would be fun to chase after some seagulls. I definitely got my exercise for the day. Josh managed to get a perfectly timed Polaroid picture of Charlie and I running ( or rather, Charlie dragging me) after the terrified seagull. Charlie was most disappointed to discover that seagulls can fly and that it was pretty easy for them to escape from him.


I handed the reins over to Josh. It was his turn to run with / be dragged along by Charlie. After a lot of running around we sat down in the sand for a little while to watch the waves and the view. Charlie was puffed – and so were we!

Charlie looked pretty pleased with himself, though, even though he still had sand stuck on his nose.


We decided it was time to head home, seeing as we were all feeling rather worn out. Charlie managed to bound back up the sand dunes and we followed after him.

In the car park, we gave him a drink of water before we buckled him back up in the car. He was a lot quieter on the way home than he had been on the way there. By the time we got home he was totally knackered – he decided it was time for a sleep and plonked himself down in the sun.



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