Polaroids With Charlie

With my grandmother’s birthday coming up in┬ájust one week’s time, I was left wondering what I could send with my card over to New Zealand. The idea struck me as I rummaged through my clothing drawers and came across my Polaroid camera.

My grandmother is a lover of animals. And by lover, I mean she is totally besotted with them. She has more cats than I can count, and most of them don’t technically belong to her but they keep coming back to her house because she spoils them all rotten. She used to have dogs, as well, but doesn’t any more.

So what better way to make the typical birthday card a bit more exciting than by including some cute Polaroid pictures of our favourite little man, Charlie?

Charlie has been in the fam for about 3 months now, and he just keeps getting bigger and fluffier. He has grown so much since the day that we first brought him home.

Josh and I took him outside to grab a few sneaky Polaroid pics. It was difficult to keep him still, but Josh managed to attract his attention by holding one of his toy’s at the same level as my camera, and I snapped away quickly before he could move again.

Here are the results;


Charlie’s getting very good with the handshaking business, he can even give high-fives.


Not sure if Charlie is super-excited that I’m hugging him, or if he’s yawning.


Now the hard part will be choosing which ones to send to Gran, cause we kinda want to keep them all!



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