Charlie Meets Bun

So, I think it’s about time I introduced you all to Bun.

Bun spends most of his days lounging around on the front lawn of Josh’s parents house. He sits on the grass, basking in the sunshine and enjoying life in the peaceful cul-de-sac. Sometimes, he hangs out underneath the house. Sometimes, he gets lucky and one of us gives him some carrot to nibble on.

Bun doesn’t belong to Josh’s family.

He belongs to the next-door neighbours, who don’t seem to worry too much about him and seem to like letting him live a very free lifestyle. I don’t know if Bun spends any time in his cage at all – we can generally always spot him in someone’s front yard.

After Josh and I took Charlie to the beach the other day, we arrived home to find Bun chilling in his usual spot. We figured that once Bun caught sight of Charlie he would bounce off and we probably wouldn’t see him for a little while.

As we drew closer with Charlie (who, fortunately for Bun, was on his leash) it became apparent that Bun was not going to run away. Instead, he stood by calmly as Charlie looked at him curiously.



It looks like Bun and Charlie are going to be friends – for now, anyway!

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