Our First Time At The Beach With Charlie

Our favourite little ball of fluff is growing up. Charlie is just over 13 weeks old now, and he is just as lovely as ever.

Because he has only just had his last parvo injection, Charlie still isn’t allowed to come into contact with any other dogs. That being said, the vet advised that it was okay to take him to the beach – as long as he only walks on the wet sand.

Josh carried Charlie over the dry sand and we scouted out an area where we could put him down. There were so many other dogs and their owners out enjoying a surprisingly warm winter’s day. When we were finally able to set him down on the damp sand, the little guy got pretty excited and started scurrying around.


After wandering around for a little while, he decided that he was more interested in trying to eat some of the rocks and shells that were on the sand…I guess everyone has their own tastes, right?


Soon after that, we discovered that Charlie isn’t a huge fan of waves – he wouldn’t go near the water. Instead, he jumped up onto Josh’s legs for a cuddle.




The little scaredy-cat didn’t want to venture very far and Josh ended up having to pick him up again because another dog wandered over to play. Meanwhile, I had to be the meanie who fended off the other dog!


When the little guy seemed ready to leave, Josh carried him over the dry sand and through the car park until we got into the car.

Charlie doesn’t like being in the car very much, and he deals with his displeasure by licking the windows and the door-handles and anything he can get his tongue on. There were saliva patches all over the windows of Josh’s car…

When we got home Charlie seemed to be happy to be back on solid ground with no crashing waves in sight – I guess he isn’t a water dog yet (which we probably should have known after the first time we gave him a bath). Hopefully when he gets a bit bigger he won’t be so afraid of the water!


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