Everyone Loves A Labrador

Last Tuesday the best thing happened.

My boyfriend’s sister, Beth, bought a puppy.

I’d like you all to meet Charlie. He is a long-haired labrador and he is almost 9 weeks old. And he’s quite possibly the cutest little guy I have ever seen in my life.


Beth had been looking at buying a puppy for a while and after seeing this guy – how could she resist?

Steve, Beth, Josh, and I drove up to Anna Bay to meet Charlie and his family. There were eight puppies in the litter – and they were all boys… Charlie had a LOT of brothers to deal with! A few of the pups had already gone to good homes, and Charlie was the only long-haired one left.


He seemed pretty happy to meet us and gave Beth lots of cuddles. When Beth went to sign the paperwork Josh and I jumped right in and started fussing over little Charlie.

He’s so adorable, and he LOVES cuddles.


It was pretty difficult taking him away from his family, though, and we all felt really bad for him – but we’ve been giving him so much love that I hope we can make up for it. Beth and I sat with Charlie in the backseat on the way home with some blankets and toys. He was pretty nervous during the long drive home (about an hour and a half) but once we arrived home he was ready to explore the back yard.  He was a bit timid at first, but he has gained a lot of confidence over the last few days.


Beth and I had some fun running around with him in the backyard – that is, until his car sickness caught up with him and he vomited! Poor little guy! After that we decided it was time to let him settle down a bit – clearly we were being a little too adventurous for this puppy-dog in his new home.

Charlie seemed to think so too, and he settled down for a nice long nap in the grass.


He woke up and we played with him for a little while, but then he wanted to sleep again!


And then, after wearing himself out AGAIN, he settled down for a nap inside…


And after waking up and padding around quietly for a little while… he took another nap in the sun…


It turns out that puppies need a lot of sleep! I guess that’s because they are doing a lot of growing, because Charlie has definitely grown in the week that he’s been at home.

Puppies need a lot of love and attention, too. We’re lucky because between people having work, school, sport, and uni, there’s always someone at home (or willing to volunteer to be at home) to be around to look after Charlie. He’s a sociable little creature, like most puppies, and he needs company. If you’re thinking of getting a dog or a puppy – which I bet you might be after looking at these photos – just remember that they are a really big commitment and they need a lot of your time. He’s definitely worth it, though.

Charlie is an absolute bundle of fun. He’s fluffy, he’s cuddly, and he has the sweetest (and cheekiest) little nature. My heart pretty much explodes every time I look at him because he’s always doing something incredibly cute… except for when he’s pooping inside! That’s not so cute. But it’s hard to stay mad at him for long, that’s for sure.

I’ll probably do a Charlie-update in a week or so to keep you guys posted on how the little guy is going. We love him lots and we’re so happy he’s become part of the family!


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