A New Look

Hello amazing friends / readers.

If you came here looking for theworldaroundme17.wordpress.com and found yourself redirected to elanacoles.com, don’t worry – it’s the same blog, just a different name.

You can expect the same kind of content as always; book reviews, travel tips, and whatever else comes to mind that I think is important enough to share with you all. The main difference is that:

I have decided that it’s time to get serious ! 

And by ‘serious’ I mean… more frequent updates. Yep, there are more posts coming your way.

I have updated to premium WordPress to gain a little more professionalism. I love blogging and interacting with you guys and really want to grow this into something big!

I am super excited to have my own domain name and a new layout. I’ve had lots of fun updating the look of this website so I hope you all enjoy a clean and fresh looking site.

As always, I appreciate every reader and love to hear from you all so please always feel free to comment on my posts, like them, or share them around.

Much love,

Elana xx


P.S If you’re wondering about the feature image, it was taken at Norah Head Lighthouse on the Central Coast of Australia – near where I live! It doesn’t have a filter on it, the sky actually looked that way and I thought it was amazing! 

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